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Running your dance studio is a combination of love, hard work, passion and doing a bunch of jobs you just don’t enjoy but are necessary for success! My passion is to see you shine and help spread the joy of dance and performing arts to your local community! 

Keen to get the ball rolling?

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Let’s break it all down

Not sure about this website and branding process? I aim to make it super simple for you. I will guide you through the whole process and won’t leave you hanging. I have broken it down into a few simple steps. 

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Showstopping packages

Whether you’re a new dance studio or have been doing this years, you need a brand and website that lights you up! I’ve got you all covered like sequins on a unitard with perfect packages and a price list that will make you get up and shimmy.


Ah, I mean freebie?

Download my FREE Ultimate branding Checklist for your dance studios + BONUS FREEBIE. This awesome downloadable checklist will assist you in knowing what branding elements are essential, optional or you can introduce later. I also threw in a bonus toolkit which includes my top 10 branding biz tools, just because I want to see you succeed!

Wondering who is this amazing person who just ‘gets you’ is?

Hey, I’m Carla.

Passionate designer, dancer back in the day, current dance fitness lover and dance mum. I have seen first hand how hard dance biz owners work and the love and passion for the industry that fuels them to bring joy to so many. I truly believe we can make the world a better, more happier place with the creative arts. Take my hand and let’s take the next steps together!

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