Logos & Branding

I create branding that connects with your target audience, won’t date and you will fall in love with

Without good branding what’s the pointe?

Your logo and branding are the ‘face’ of your business, so are important elements when creating a brand. I design logos that are creative, speak to your audience, capture your business ethos and are one of a kind (a bonus if you wish to trademark your logo). 

My process envolves extensive research to achieve a result that will put a spring in your step. You will be proud to plaster it all over studio, uniforms and merchandise.

Logos should be versatile and come in a variety of layouts and formats to cater for a broad range of uses. Branding is the overall look and feel, the icing on the cake. I create an overall aesthetic for your business with fonts, colours, icons, imagery, social media templates and more! 

My aim is to take YOUR vision and BRING it to LIFE and let is SHINE!



Will my logo come in different file types and be able to go big or large?

YES! I design all my logos as vectors which mean they can be resized super large (like for a large sign) and not go blurry. I provide all logo files for web and print including PDF, JPEG, PNG and EPS. I provide a handy logo file guide on completion as to what file you need to use based on your needs.

Do you use stock or purchased elements?

NOPE! I draw everything myself, I do not purchase any pre made elements. This means your logo can be trademarked if you wish. All my designs are one of a kind and special to your business.

What exactly is branding and how is it different to a logo?

Good question. A logo is only part of your branding. Branding is all the extra elements that bring it all together. Imagery, social media aesthetic, fonts, colours, icons etc. All together these create branding for your brand. Curious as to what they different between a brand and branding is? Check out this blog post.

Why are logo and branding packages expensive?

I am definitely not the most expensive out there, however I know there are people offering logos for $50-$100. There are a few reasons why a professional branding expert costs more. Firstly, as mentioned above, I don’t use pre made items. Using pre made items does not make your logo special. Secondly, I conduct a lot of research to make sure your logo and branding are on pointe. Thirdly, I offer lots of assets upon completion, a variety of sizes, file types, layouts, sub mark and a branding board.

To find out more information, prices, package inclusions and more FAQ’s download my price list.

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