I have been working with Alichia’s DanceFitness Academy for over 3.5 years. I have done a wide range of branding, graphic design, illustrative and website work. 

I was so excited to be a part of their rebrand and brand new fancy pants website!



Website Design

ADA’s old website was running on wordpress, but was running on an old theme, wasn’t very appealing, wasn’t fresh and the full screen experience we have come to know and love and mobile responsiveness wasn’t exactally there! I was so excited to build a brand new wordpress website from scratch. The website is now is on brand, fresh, clean, easily to navigate and clear CTA’s guiding the user through their website experience.

Below is a quick video scrolling through the homepage.


ADA’s previous logo was well used and was still working well. However after a business name change, Alichia decided she wanted the logo to have a refresh also. Alichia requested we keep the legs because it also represent the letter ‘A’ aka Alichia. After playing around with mulitple ideas and concepts, I landed on keeping it simple. I had to keep in mind that the logo will be placed on merchandise and uniforms, so can’t be too busy or distracting.

Font Choice was particaurly essential in this logo design, because the logo is fairly simple. I went with a font with different weights and a little art deco.

Full Logo Design

Logo Variation

Layout variation of logo design

Website Favicon Design

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