I have been working with Alichia’s DanceFitness Academy for over 3 years. I have done a wide range of branding, graphic design, illustrative and website work. 

I have worked closely with Alichia on a weekly basis to lighten the load of designing resources, social media graphics, marketing material and more. 

It has been a privilege getting to know Alichia and her dance family over the years. I have shared just a snippet of the types of work I have done over the years and I am excited to work on her brand refresh to launch in 2021!


I have designed flyers, posters, certificates, concert posters, welcome cards, invitations and more for ADFA. I enjoy the creative challenge each design brief brings and the variety of items I get to design.

I design bulletins on a regular basis. These bulletins (newsletters) are emailed to dance families in as a PDF interactive file.

I design social media posts (Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Instagram story templates etc) on a weekly basis.


Designing concert programs and other end of year concert material is a highlight of my year. The Hollywood theme was one of my favourites to design for. Here it is below;

I have been able to design and create fun items like button badges, keyrings and more.

I am excited and honoured to continue working with Alichia from ADFA and create many more creative projects together. New branding and website already in the works.

© Alichia’s DanceFitness Academey 2020

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