The Little Dance Academy approached me in 2017 with an array of beautiful creative ideas for her dance academy and she needed someone to bring them to life. I was more than happy to work with Katie and her impressive creative vision for her little students.

Her ideas were so creative, clever and unique. I enjoyed all the design challenges and seeing all the elements used throughout her branding.

I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Katie and The Little Dance Academy. 


Our Journey started with creating bespoke characters to use for birthday cards and certificates

LDA then approached me, requesting a t-shirt. I created these sweet little elements that later went on to be used for social media and Instagram highlight icons.

I later design a range of social media posts and templates. These are just a few of the ones I have designed. I also set up templates that could be used again using Canva.


Katie then approached me and asked if I could design some graphics to go with the themed dance camps she offered at her dance academy. I was super excited to get started.


Katie asked if I could transform the characters into colouring in sheets for the students to colour in. What a fabulous idea.

I also went on to design bunting, stickers, large posters and A-Frames.

One of the most creative projects Katie asked me to create was a letter. These letters will become story prompts for the children to go on a magical journey. The children love them. Katie was inspired by an old school air mail design but with her branding colours. The idea was a double A4 sheet of paper, that when folded into three would look like an envelope. 

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